Call for Contributors! The Cherokee County Georgia Genealogist’s Case Book

Are you a genealogist with ancestors in Cherokee County, Georgia? Have you solved a Cherokee County-based family history mystery?

I want you!

…To contribute to a book.

The Cherokee County Georgia Genealogist’s Casebook will feature 12-15 case studies from Cherokee County based genealogists. The premise is simple:

  1. Ask a genealogical question (Who were my great-grandmother’s parents? Where was my 4th great-grandfather’s gold mine? Who was the real parent of my adopted ancestor?)
  2. Write up how you solved the problem. Detail all the genealogical resources and techniques you used.
  3. Turn it all in to me by November 30, 2018!

Are you interested in seeing your name in print? Are you excited that all proceeds (beyond my administrative costs) will go to benefit the Cherokee County Historical Society?

Then enter your email here for contribution guidelines and an example case study.

Thanks so much for helping create the Cherokee County Georgia Genealogist’s Casebook. And in the meantime, happy detecting!

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